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Zipper for Easy to access wounds - The MAXX Pet shirts for Cats have a zipper to easily access to the wound and the internal pocket to keep gauge or cold packs. Has an open able hole at the shoulder to pass an I V line. Inhibits itching/ scratching, Minimizes the risk of post-operative infections in your pet cats.
Potty Use - Bigger opening at the rear enables Cats use the litter tray without opening the recovery suit and no need to roll it up. Used after spays, neuters, for road rash and friction burns. Protects skin diseases .Reduces possibility of infection
Snug Fit - The snug fit gives warmth and acts as an anxiety wrap helping your pet cat heal faster. Perfect to use after shave to keep warm. Reduces anxiety during weaning period. Machine wash dry.
MAXX Cat Shirts are FREEDOM Shirts as an alternative to E collar and Cone of shame. MAXX Cat Shirts as a post surgery wear giving warmth while your pet heals . Keeps pets comfortable and mobile. Protects floor from stain, beds and rugs from getting spoilt. Available in 5 sizes
Wearing Instructions: To hold the clothing on your pet cat firmly, you need to insert the neck collar belt in the two satin loops provided at the inner side, near the label/ neck of the shirt. This will enable the clothing to stay on the cat's body and the cat will not be able to come out of the clothing.



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